springtime sprucing

Merry Spring!

My last commission was this GIANT tree I made for a lovely lady, who was renovating her stairwell. It was such a pleasure to make for her:

I really love making big things. I think I might start looking at installation work. That might be fun!

Here's a shot of the studio:

I've been in my teeny studio at Manchester Craft & Design Centre for four years now (11.5 altogether at the centre) and in that time it hasn't much changed. The walls and furniture were all white, with a few trees painted on the walls in a stark grey shade. Over the winter visitors were quick to tell me that mine was the coldest in the building and I'm not entirely sure that was altogether to do with our nippy, old, Victorian building! I decided one of the walls needed some warmth. But what colour? I wanted something natural and hopefully grown up. Nothing that alludes to a child's bedroom- cute owl faces are quite childlike enough! I don't like tepid browns or sad beige colours, so I settled on olive green. It's not quite my favourite colour (jazzy blues and teals- but we can't have those without teetering into the afore mentioned child's bedroom territory. I settled for a colour my mum would approve of. She's sensible and grown up; qualities of the colour I'm after.)

ta dah!

I think it works. Hooray!
My sprucing extended to the exterior of the studio too. I painted a tree (to match inside), made some ivy growing up the bark, painted the window frame my new olive green and made a new Kaper sign:

The letters are based on my handwriting and need a bit of fattening up, so they don't get lost in the tree, but I think I'm quite happy with it. (They are a bit easier to read in real life. The K almost disappears in this photo!) I like having owls inside the A and the P.

I've been thinking about changing my sign for a while and thought about some fairly elaborate installation ideas. In the end I've gone quite simple. Over the next few weeks I plan to give some real consideration to my branding and come up with ways to improve.

In other news, I've been working on some new bird/butterfly/mice stand ideas and purchased some wood off cuts from a UK based wood turner.

I'm working on some larger pieces at the moment, which are fun. I'm playing with magnets to attach some of my bigger guys to heavier chunks of wood. Photographs to follow.

Next week's jobs include: putting up shelves, making plinths and trying to understand this branding malarkey :) I'm also fancying a potter around North York Moors.


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