Cambridge Contemporary Crafts Gallery

I have an exhibition of my work at Cambridge Contemporary Crafts Gallery.  I've had so much fun making shiny new things which are now on display in the gallery window. I love having an excuse to design something brand new and maybe just a little bit theatrical. I've had a half finished macaw design idea for ages and this seemed like the perfect reason to finally complete him. Here's how he got made:

Here is my doodle sketch of a hyacinth macaw and a spot of colour matching screen printing ink.

Recently I was sent some paper samples from G F Smith and this was a perfect excuse to try some out. For Mr Macaw I used a paper called Accent Nature, which is 100% PCW recycled.

(PCW stands for Post Consumer Waste & means that the paper pulp is properly recycled. The term 'recycled' is as complicated a mine filed as 'free range' is for eggs. Lots of companies use the term loosely to describe using paper pulp that has fallen from the screen when it gets smushed together into one sheet of paper. Essentially in-house 'recycling', which is, to borrow a phrase from the Trump administration, 'alternative facts'. It's brand new pulp. (I'm a bit anal about my research & my ethics. Can you tell? 😅) G F Smith's Accent Nature is one of the good guys,)

 It also has such a lovely texture and is very sturdy and strong. Perfect for birdie making. I was thrilled with it.

Doodling feathery patterns onto a blank screen, before pulling through some inky blue goo to make each print. You can just about make out the first print underneath the pattern- the template of some macaw pieces.

a close up of his feathery back- two massive wings of hand cut feathers.

Hyacinth Macaws are rather large fellows, with exceedingly long tails. I thought mine should have a detachable tail, so that he had the option of fitting through the postal service, should he ever need to travel! He's my first design with a detachable tail and I'm quite pleased with how it functions. There's a tiny picture hook hiding behind his feet, with a hook on the top of his tail.

He perches on a giant swing. I named him Obi, since I worked on him a lot on & around May the Fourth. I may have watched some Star Wars episodes during his construction.

Obi has some pals with him at the gallery, including Sam the budgie, in his floral cage.

And Mortimer the Umbrella Cockatoo.

As well as some English Countryside pals, like Peter the blackbird.

I can't drive, so I imposed upon my dad to take me down to Cambridge, coaxed with the gift of a TomTom, so we wouldn't get lost. I hadn't been to Cambridge since my sister was at University there, a good 15 years ago. Cambridge Contemporary Craft Gallery wasn't around back then. It was so delightful to see it. It is a beautiful space, which covers two floors of delightful craft. I'm thrilled to have my work in there. It's full of beautiful prints & ceramics, among other things. I felt like a happy little magpie looking at all the gorgeous items.

The butterflies and dragonflies you can spot are brooches by Vikki Lafford Garside. Aren't they lovely?

Thank you so much to Gonda, Katie & Nicola at CCC Gallery.

My work will be in the window until 7th June.


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