New Designs!

This little fella is Hugo.
He is a squirrel I have been working on! I'm happy with the shape of him now and have been busy screen printing him today in red shades. I'm working on another squirrel pose too, so soon there will be a squirrel family. It took a long time before I was happy with the head shape- I believe he is my most complicated design to date! I want to build him climbing across ropes and cherry blossom branches. Something about squirrels makes me excited about spring time.

This is Raphael.
He is a tufted owl. He is fatter and tuftier than my barn owls and will soon be screen printed along with his own parliament of tufty buddies.

I've also been working on a design for a kori bustard which is coming along nicely. I'm not sure he will be as commercially successful but I thought he could potentially make a nice exhibition piece.

My peacock still needs a bit of work before I can start making it but he's getting there! I think he might be my last bird design for a while, though I have grown mighty fond of making birds so we shall see!


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