I recently made a ring celebrating Manchester Craft and Design Centre's 30th anniversary as part of a ring exhibition organised by tenants Jo Lavelle and Eve Redmond. The jewellery element of my design was a rather basic, not very cleverly thought out piece of brass wire, that in all likelihood is too large to fit a human hand! It was very kind of Jo to include me considering my lack of jewellery making prowess! However I enjoyed designing a goldfish as my design. I went for a fish because of the Craft Centre's history as a former fish market and I chose orange because that is the colour of the MCDC logo. This was my first attempt at a fish but this is something I thought would be nice to develop. I like the idea of making tiny fish shoal mobiles!

So, here are the next generation of fishie prototypes- Ike and Penny:

Much like my bird designs, I shall build up to making a few more complicated designs. I also have a few fish bowl ideas I am working on. Eventually I may get somewhere with them!


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