A day out to Paltform Gallery, Clitheroe

Last October at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair I won a prize from Grace and Rose at the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe to showcase my work at the gallery. Here is a photograph of the award presentation:

I have no idea what is going on with my face there. You can always rely on me to gurn or grimace whenever a camera is within a 10ft radius. Social awkwardness is my forte. There is another hilarious photograph where it appears I’m having a small cry with Faye Hatton (the very lady who took this photograph) here.

Yes, I am ridiculous.
Anyway, so: Alexander the Great Tit:
Grace wanted me to make some creatures that were local to the area to make something a bit special for the display so I spent some time designing chaffinches, great tits, stone chats, long tailed tits and short eared owls. I love designing new things and was also keen to make hares and daubenton bats, however I ran out of time to complete those designs. Boo!
Porfirio the Long Tailed Tit

So I have spent the last few weeks melting in the heat making work for the display. Here are some photographs of the last few weeks of making:


On Wednesday I went to Platform Gallery to set up a window display. I brought some squirrels and barn owls along with me. Grace, who had approved my ideas, has now left her position at the gallery and ever since I had been e-mailing the lovely Dominque. I was a little bit shy to meet her in case it transpired she really didn’t like my little guys! She was very nice though and setting up the display was really good fun.

I filled a big cabinet by the entrance to the gallery. Here I displayed squirrels, great tits and short eared owls. Since the weather is the hottest it has ever been, standing in the glass cabinet to set up the work was like standing inside an oven! Also the glorious sunshine did impede upon the quality of the photographs. It did look nice actually, not that you can tell from these shots:
My favourite bad photo- the building opposite!

It will have a white backdrop when set up is complete. I rather liked the grey and yellow colour scheme of this display. Since you can’t really see them on display, here are some of them posing in my studio:


I did another display in one of the gallery windows showcasing barn owls, red squirrels, chaffinches and long tailed tits. Lots of brown and pink shades made up this display.

We talked about doing another window, but I decided I liked just having the two. I could use the rest of the work I had made for other orders and I didn’t want the displays here to be too busy. Also I felt I had taken up enough of their time, since they had an exhibition to set up. “Wood” has some very exciting pieces in it. It was such fun to see things getting unveiled and having a sneaky peak at the exhibition. Do visit if you get the chance, it all looks great.

A big thank you to Domique, Rose and Kathryn for their help setting up. It was greatly appreciated.

After the gallery a trip to Clitheroe Castle was in order, as I am mighty fond of castles and the views were ace. On the way up the stepped hill I encountered a burly gang of teens and, a natural city girl reaction, purposefully avoided their gaze. I was so surprised when they gave a cheery hello! Clitheroians seem like a friendly bunch.

This big guy gave a happy little welcome. I liked that crows lived in the castle. 

It was such a beautiful area. Also the perfect spot for this cenotaph:
It was a lovely day out in Clitheroe, I shall have to go back to explore Ribble Valley.


  1. Well, just ONE of those mentions in your posting, would have been enough for me, but three GREAT accomplishments!
    Awards, gallery showing and a castle!
    Fairy tale with a Shy Princess:)
    Love your work...Laura

  2. I LOVE the red squirrels! The window displays look fab as well!

    1. Thank you very much crafty Lou! I do enjoy making the squirrels :)


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