New designs: rodents!

Good afternoon!
I've finally found time to make things that aren't just birds or squirrels, hooray! I have a seemingly endless list of plans to make bats, hares, rabbits, foxes...I thought I'd start my journey into mammals slowly with a teeny elephant shrew, or sengi. I was partly inspired by the Hidden Kingdoms episode. I had heard of them before, but I thought that series was delightful. I wanted an elephant shrew of my very own:

She was so much fun to make!

Next on the rodent list was a jerboa. I adore these tiny rodents. Is it a mouse? Is it a kangaroo? Is it a rabbit? They are such splendid creatures. There are different types; I took my inspiration from the long eared jerboa:

Ta dah!
I made them in various poses. I think this one looks like she's goading you into a race.

Stay tuned for chipmunks, hamsters and guinea pigs! I hope to have them finished for Autumn.


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