Springtime in the studio

Spring is here, hooray! It's so nice to have long, bright days again, after the cosy darkness of winter, isn't it?
It is somewhat rainy here in Manchester this weekend and as I sit by the window it almost sounds like a monsoon outside! April showers have come early and I am looking forward to going out in my wellibobs later.

First of all: EXCITING NEWS! Kaper has been featured in Homemaker Magazine! Yay! Thank you Sian for the opportunity and for being so helpful and marvelous. :)

This is Dougal, the Palm Cockatoo.

It has been a while since I've posted here. Unfortunately I always seem to run out of time to blog. When you're self employed it is so easy to fill every waking hour with more makerly activities. I will be putting more effort in to post more often from now on.

I have been printing some new cockatoos, which has been excellent fun. I love making parrots! This weekend's activity is to build some wooden bird stands fro them to perch upon.

A desk shot of some butterflies I have been making.

Getting the studio ready for Spring/Summer has been fun. I've always been asked to make butterflies, but I used to decline because where my studio is located there was an excellent maker who made butterfly canvases. I would always send customers in the direction of Lily Greenwood instead, her work is absolutely stunning. However since Lily has left Manchester Craft and Design Centre I no longer had that excuse, so when a customer requested them I happily agreed. Now I've got my very own kaleidoscope of little beasties!

Butterflies and floral arrangements now brighten up my little studio:

little bouquets and a pug puppy prototype!

A yellow and gold floral vine hangs from the glass door of my studio.

This year I've been working on updating my website too:

A new website banner and some new images

some owly graphics:

www.kaperonline.com if you fancy having a nosy at the updated website, which is very nearly done! Woop! 

Next week's plan:
Finishing kittens and boats for a few Owl and Pussycat pieces
Making some floral butterfly wall pieces
Listing some new items in my Etsy shop :)


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