Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows...

Merry Summertime, everybody!
My summer is usually spent blowing bubbles in the garden for my nieces to chase, collecting vegetables from the allotment to make delicious meals and waiting for a clear night to do some star/moon gazing with my beautiful telescope. I haven't had a chance to do any star gazing yet, but there have been some amazing storms; really moody and thundery! I love standing in the garden, watching the sky light up and crackle. I've also seen some lovely rainbows.

This one in particular made me feel like I was on the rainbow track of mario kart. Such a bright, full spectrum! And a double rainbow. :D

I've been wearing my favourite necklace by my studio buddy WONDERHAUS.

Summer is a weird time for artists, since if you're organized (which this year I am trying to be!) it's time to build up your stock ready for Christmas, because when the festive season arrives you're usually busy working on gift commissions. So I have been spending my July so far making Christmas cards and plotting festive designs, which I'll share nearer the time. I have made a new Owl & Pussycat too, which is now listed in my etsy shop:

I really enjoy making Owls and Pussycats. I think the Edward Lear poem is so lovely.

I've been working on a few commissions: large framed versions of my card collages, which I make with my printing offcuts.

I made the balloons with laser cut hearts given to me by the lovely Rachel of The Magpie's Daughter, who is a splendid jeweller at Manchester Craft and Design Centre. I recently ordered a pair of beautiful skeleton leaf earrings for my sister, who absolutely LOVES them! I'm not entirely sure she's taken them off since I gave them to her.

Rachel has some on her etsy page here:

One of Rachel's photographs, as she is much better at photographing earrings than I am! Who doesn't love a teacup background? :) Rachel is queen of the beautiful product shot. Her display in her studio is very pretty also; jewellery resting on pretty books, bottles and ink wells. I like to imagine it's how Hepburn or Bardot would have their dresser.

I've made my first Etsy Treasury, which was so much fun. (If you're not an Etsy shopper/seller; treasuries are lists of items on the site, grouped together by a theme and curated by somebody.) I called mine "In the Deep, Dark Wood..." and you can see it here:

It features work by Chris Hagan, A Northern Light & Matte Stephens, among plenty of other talented individuals, who I'm such a fan of.

This week I will be working on some cat portraits and chickens! I've never made a chicken before and am most enjoying designing them. Designing is possibly my favourite part.

Have a splendid week!


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