Chickens, Kittens and Swifts :)

Merry August, everybody!
This week I have been working on several commissions. I have made some cat portraits of two cats called Bailey and Minnie:

It was so much fun getting their markings right. Also I got to look at cute kitten photos, which is always a bonus! 

I have also made some little cats for my Etsy shop. This little dude is my favourite, with his eye patch and ginger fur:

I have been working on a chicken design and this squeamish vegetarian learned the hard way that google is not always my friend when it comes to chicken photographs! Live, happy hen in a field, please Google! Live and happy hens!

Upside down, my studio neighbour Helen, of Helen Tiffany Glass, thought I had the beginnings of a badger/snake with this design!

Ta dah! One brown chicken. I also made a white and a black hen:

They have all got their own personalities, which is nice. Placing their feet in different positions gave them all different poses.

These three are now in their new home. I'm going to make a few for in the studio and my online shop too.

I've also been making a pair of swifts. The swift is my dad's favourite animal. He loves to watch them dance and play in the sky from his patio in the garden. It is my parents' 41st anniversary on Monday, so I thought I would make them a pair.

Ta dah! I hope they like them!

Next week: I am going to make some bird houses! I can't wait. :)


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