Pirates, Peg Dollies and awesome blogs

Ahoy thar, yaarg!

My pirate cupcake, made by my sister and her 3 year old scallywags for their Pirate themed birthday party last week. Isn't he splendid?

I made myself a parrot, naturally. Though he was made of felt rather than paper, much more toddler friendly! His name is Perkins and he sat atop my shoulder, pinned to my pirate waistcoat adorned with lots of mismatched gold buttons I found in my button stash.

There's a blurry photograph of a bunny mask I made, that formed part of their dressing up stash of masks, tabards and velcro on tails/wings etc. (There are no in focus photographs- once they have them on they're dancing!)

Some friends got married and I gave the gift of peg dolly portraits, made by the super talented Andrea from &made, studio 21 at Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

Aren't they beautiful? She does a bespoke service, so you can choose your own custom hairdos and outfits! She also does birthday dollies and stamped letter dresses. It was such a joy to get them made. Andrea has such an eye for detail. I should have requested pirate dollies for my nieces' birthday! Maybe Christmas...

&made's website: http://www.andmade.net/

visit the studio at Manchester Craft & Design Centre: http://www.craftanddesign.com/artists/andmade/

Yesterday I had a small bout of vertigo (I narrowly avoided a migraine and the two can go hand in hand) and fell down the stairs on my bus on the way to the studio! I can't say I got much work done in my dizzy (and somewhat bruised!) state, so I concentrated on making cards and collages using my hand printed offcuts. I didn't want to chance ruining some sculptures!

Today's jobs include printing some budgies and cockatiels, providing I'm not too sore & wobbly.

Recently finished pieces include Sanzio (brown) and Niccolo (grey) on their wooden stands.

Sanzio can be viewed at Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous, where I have an online boutique: www.giftwrappedandgorgeous.co.uk/kaper-products

Niccolo is in my etsy shop: www.kaperonline.etsy.com

Other blogs I have been reading:

My MCDC neighbour Helen has started a new blog! It's lovely and she's lovely, so it's well worth a read. I find glass such an enigma, so it's nice to learn things about it.

(Not my photograph- this is one of Helen's from her website!)

Oops I'm A Vegan is written by a lady named Hannah and is full of lovely recipes and interesting reads. I love reading recipes and getting ideas for cooking. Hannah works at Oak St Cafe and I recently ate some of her Vegan Victoria Sponge. It was delicious. And I'm picky about my ingredient-replacer foodstuffs, despite the fact I can't/won't eat the real thing. :)

I'm off to print some budgies and cockatiels! I'm a bit excited about them :)


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