Stock making and the art of laziness :)

We're mid April already! Where does the time go?

These little guys were finished this week in my studio. I have been merrily adding flowers to everything lately. Spring always brings extra colour into the studio.

I've also been enjoying a bit of time off, which is most unlike me but necessary sometimes. I've had adventures in the beautiful cities of Brighton and Edinburgh and I've been sewing bridesmaid dresses for my buddy's upcoming wedding. I'm normally a bit scared of weddings (I'm not terribly fond of crowds or socializing, I'm an awkward creature), but I'm really looking forward to this one. The bride is one of my most favourite people and it will be a splendid occasion.

This little guy is the new face of my business :) This is the front of my new business cards, which are arriving in the post imminently. Yay! I do hope I have spelled all my details correctly. I did check, but the fear remains! My baby owls are my most popular sellers and I rather fancied having a dapper gentleman. I almost added a monocle, as I am fond of eyewear. Next time.

I've run out of Owls & Pussycats in their Pea Green Boats, so I had best get assembling.

Once I've finished stocking up I can get on with SHINY NEW THINGS! Hooray! I love making new things. :)

Etsy has had a bit of a revamp, so I've tweaked my banner too, full of bird pals:

what do you think?

Have a gander at my snazzy newly designed shop here: 
I'll be adding more customizable items to my Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous boutique too this week, so keep an eye out for new things, including these merry families :)


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