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I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I'm not always especially articulate with what I want to say. However, in business, every aspect of your aesthetic says so much about you and I've been analyzing how to improve Kaper's brand identity.

It started a few weeks ago, altering my studio shop sign (more on that in the last post). I based it on my handwriting, which I know isn't entirely original, but it is certainly (and literally) more 'me' than any font I could design or find. My last logo was actually a font I designed! But I never really connected with it. I just enjoyed the process of making fonts.

I did have to alter my handwriting somewhat. In its natural state it is tiny. I really struggle writing letters big enough for people to read! When doing my Big Writing the sticks just get taller and the loops stay miniature. I'm not sure I'd call my handwriting nice, but it is definitely playful and that's a part of me and my business, so it's a start.

I decided to overhaul my website and thought it might be fun to start again: new URL, new pages, new everything. They're both online now, which might be a little odd & confusing. I feel a bit like I've invented my own doppelganger. I didn't want my old website & its clunky URL to lead nowhere and I don't have the computer literacy to understand how to make it one of those URLS that jump boards you on to the new site. And since I obviously don't even know what that's called I'm not sure a google search would prove very accurate. Besides, it's been fun to compare & contrast. 

The new website:
(The old website:

The new website has less, which is purposeful. If I feel overwhelmed by the information overload of my own website, I imagine that isn't a good thing. My new website is sleek(er) and concise. With playful phrases dotted about.

Part of my brand identity revamp is wanting to show more of the process and behind-the-scenes malarkey, so I've been taking snaps of my sketchbook for instagram.

I'm also taking part in The 100 Day Project on instagram, which has been fun. You pick a subject and build a creative project, which you share every day for 100 days. I chose 100 Days of British Birds, because I thought it would inspire me to design new things and remain excited and involved up until May.

Days One & Two:

I've also set up a Kaper club!
Patreon is a place where you can set up subscriptions for things. I wanted to have a place where I could organize giveaways for members and share new designs, design concepts and doodles, as well as send some lovely post. I love post and wrapping is my favourite part of Christmas! I'm going to be sending out original illustrations, paper sculptures and a welcome-to-the-club owl pin badge, because all good clubs have badges. :)

So, if you'd like to join in, do take a look at my patreon page: 

And in more makery news: here's the latest plinth guy. His plinth is detachable, attached by magnets, attracted to his feet. 


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