New Designs and a Website Revamp

I've been busy trying to make my website better and nicer! I am about half way through so far but it is already improved and more up to date with new things. It was in great need of a revamp and I am determined to keep on top of it from now on.

Added to the website are a few new designs, woohoo! Meet Humphrey the hummingbird:

I have some hummingbirds in the shop at Manchester Craft and Design Centre. There are also some on display at Prema in Gloucestershire.

Also newly designed is Edgar the Raven. He's a bit smaller than actual ravens, which makes most people assume he's a crow, but as long as people can tell he's a bird I am happy with that! He was such fun to make and I want to make a crow and a magpie too.

His legs need a bit of work. I struggled with aesthetically proper looking legs and ones that will give him enough balance to pose. Edgar number two may have some alterations!


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