Customise your owlet!

Since the dapper set of owls I made for Manchester Central Library I have been mildly obsessed with accessorizing my birds! It is such fun to do, I take great pleasure from making monocles and fancy hats. :)

 This is Ovid, in all his finery. He is currently in an exhibition at Ferrers Gallery called "On Paper".

This is Monocled Virgil and the very dapper Michelangelo sporting a cavalier hat! It is times like these I realize how lucky I am to have this kind of job. I love making things.

Graduation buddies!
Eventually I hope to make an owl for every occasion! :)

Bride and Groom owlets in a floral hoop.
I have had a few personalised wedding commissions, which is always fun. Customers seem to be rather enjoying designing themselves in owl form! :)

And it's not just the little guys having all the fun:

Bespectacled Aeschylus freestanding on a floral branch.

Ovid in some aviator goggles. "Be brave, little one"!


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    1. Congratulations Teresa! Your name was picked out of the hat to win the owlet. You can contact me at to let me know what kind of owlet you would like and an address I should send him to. Thank you

  2. They are all so cute!! Any one would be acceptable to accompany the one I already have hanging here!!


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