Owls at the Library

Good afternoon!
I am a huge fan of libraries. There is something overwhelmingly awesome about spaces dedicated to reading about things, finding out about a new skill, basking in the history and the pretence that one day I could afford to have my own collection of beautiful first editions to get lost in. I love books and learning new things! As you might imagine, I have been waiting excitedly for Manchester's Central Library to open its doors again (and praying during the renovations they don't alter my beloved reading room!)

As the opening day grew closer, Kaylee, Manchester Craft and Design Centre's ace Exhibitions Coordinator, told us that we had been given a cabinet to display our work in at the library! Woohoo! I was very excited about this and promptly set to work designing something especially for the cabinet.

I decided whichever of my creations took up residence at the library should be dressed appropriately. It is an honour, after all, to be amongst learned brethren. I also wanted to make something with a library theme:

This is Bespectacled Aeschylus, reading to his buddies. Note the bowties; suitable attire for their grand outing. They have inspired a range of bespectacled, hatted and monocled creatures. :) 

I also made a fancy parrot, who I named Porthos, after the dandiest of Musketeers (and my favourite!)

Finally the Library opened and off I went to visit it!

It is such a beautiful building. I felt like a child again. I was filled with the same awe and wonder I was when I was little.

Favourite newly renovated parts include this massive glass wall, where you can peek at lots of old books.
The reading room, just as I remembered it. A quote from the Book of Proverbs is written on the rim of the round ceiling: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom, and with all thy getting get understanding. Exalt her and she shall promote thee; she shall bring thee to honour when thou dost embrace her, she shall give of thine head an ornament of grace, a crown of glory she shall deliver to thee.

Some beautiful books were on display here. I love a bit of illuminated lettering! :) 

On the way to the media room there is a splendid cabinet:
Hiya fellas! Here are some close up images of work by my fellow tenants:

The jewellery Porthos looks tempted to nibble on is by Tracey Birchwood, a great business lady who taught me so much when I graduated and started to set up my business. I was a subtenant in her studio back then and she is the reason Manchester Craft and Design Centre remains my creative home. She's ace. It was nice to see Porthos share a shelf with her.
Work by the tremendously talented Northen Scapes, THIS IS PEWTER and Lily Greenwood.

Fancy pieces by R A Design, Lee Page Hanson, Jane Blease and Dave n Woody.
Work by the lovely Laura Richardson, Wall of Art and David K Goodwin.

My owls share the shelf with Amy Wilkinson.
Work by Eve Redmond, Helen Tiffany and Linzi Ramsden.
This joyful shelf is the handiwork of Fibre and Nell.
Manchester Bee themed delights from &made and a toothy monster by Sausage Dog.
Work by Colette Hazelwood and Fir+Wren.

Thank you Manchester Central Library for having our work in your magnificent building. And thank you Kaylee for our beautiful display.


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