The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat

I love the poem of the Owl and the Pussycat. My sister believes it to be the most romantic poem ever written. A lovely couple commissioned me to make them for a christening present for their grandchild. They came in to my studio at Manchester Craft and Design Centre  and ordered one based on my owlets sat in the shop. They requested a moon behind and red flowers on the boat. The cat was to be white, because the family cat is white.The rest was left up to me.

I had designed a cat a while ago for an owl and pussycat wedding cake, but it had been ages since I had made one. I found the template and went to work screen printing.

Kittens! In my haste to get started with the commission I barely noticed I had made a gigantic, godzilla style lion who was to befriend a teeny owlet. This photograph shows the first "kitten" in between two smaller versions who are in fact the right size. To say the scale is a little off is an understatement!

yeah, that is not working. :D

I felt a bit conflicted about the boat. Of all the colours in the world I find pea green to be the least beautiful. Perhaps it is because I don't like peas! I decided to add gold paint in patterns when printing, to add a touch of decadence. I decided to keep the shape of it rather simple as I wanted the focus to be on the creatures inside. The boat is strengthened with book board and the moon is printed in swirly silvers and greys.

Ta dah!

I loved working on this and intend to make some different colourways and styles. Perhaps a ginger tabby and a tufty grey owl? I also fancy making a larger version with my big owls. It also inspired making things based on other phrases, quotes and stories. There is endless inspiration!

I've since made a boat and owl to accompany Godzilla Kitten: ta dah!
Bowtie and spectacles seemed entirely necessary. They are sailing off to be married afterall. :)


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