Cockatoos and Peace In The Park

I recently went to Peace in the Park, in Sheffield. I had never been to Ponderosa Park before, but we had a lovely time. My brother's friends are in a band called Early Cartographers and we went to see them play. Of all the amazing, creative people I know they are some of the most talented. If you like eclectic, acoustic, playful, emotive folk you can check out a beautiful video here (I imagine they'd hate that description, I am terrible at articulating things, but they're ace and Ed performs wearing a minotaur headband and plays a ukulele, amongst other things. What's not to like?) :D

Hannah's accordion is such a beautiful instrument, I am rather jealous of it (not that I can play any instrument at all, mind).

An afternoon of chasing my little nieces around the park and it was time to get back to work printing parrots!

I designed these fellas quite a while ago now, just in time for last year's GNCCF. I LOVED making them, as I have always been rather fond of parrots. I find them delightful.
Sulphur crested cockatoos are known for being inquisitive, playful little rascals. Naturally I named him Puck:

These were my first attempt at bird stands. I was happy with them until I painted them black and now all I see when I look at them is an ACME detonator! I'm hoping it's the colour. Grey/brown ones will just look like bird stands, right?...right?

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo, a native of Australia (it had to happen, didn't it!) This is Bruce:
Hopefully a Bruce befitting such a glorious name. (I have such affection for Bruce Willis. He's a dude. Also Banner, Lee, Forsyth... He's in excellent company.)

Bruce now lives on the shelf above my desk in my studio, watching over me as I work. I do enjoy seeing his friendly face every time I look up! I have wondered whether I'd sell him, or just take orders. So far no visitors to MCDC have shown any interest in purchasing him, so that's not been an issue thus far :)

I also have printed a Gang-gang Cockatoo. These are grey with spectacular red, fluffy plumage atop their heads. His name is Ruaidhri and he is not finished yet.

A set of lovebirds in bright, vivid colours:

I look forward to expanding the exotic bird range. :D


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