Little birdies and Long Legs

I set aside some time recently to make some little birdies in a variety of bright, bold colours. I enjoy making these little fellas, they make me feel happy. :)

Here is a shot of my desk. Only when I took this photograph did I realise how anal I can be when I'm making. Order and pattern calms my little brain. Look how every bird lies in the same direction throughout the lengthy gluing process!

The summer weather has brought out my sillier side and I started making standing birdies with swishy tails and bright, long legs.
Meet Alphonso:

I also made some little uns! Meet Furio:

Once varnished I can glue on their sparkly eyeballs:

I attached some to flowery twigs and paired some up so they had a buddy on their branch.

This is Noah on his pink floral branch.

And here's a row of Alphonsos on the shelf in my studio, advertising MCDC's  Oak Street Cafe, which is now open Sundays at the centre, should you wish to enjoy some excellent cake in our glass roofed, Victorian building.


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