David Bowie died on my birthday.
Like all respectable children of the eighties, my affection for Bowie began with my not-entirely-mild obsession with The Labyrinth (I'm pretty sure I could act it out verbatim by the time I was six).

He's always been one of my creative heroes, for numerous and varied reasons as I have grown up and some of his albums have been firm favourites of mine for the longest time. His death makes me sad I think in part because I feel like I grew up inspired by him. This made me think about my other childhood heroes.

a few highlights:
Jim Henson
Quentin Blake
George Lucas
Nick Park
Roald Dahl
Pablo Picasso
David Attenborough
Terry Nutkins
Steven Spielberg
Bastian Balthazar Bux (and Atreyu, of course)
the characters of the mighty Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley, Dian Fossey... Childhood heroes, really Kate? YES. I watched her films at a rather young age!)

I saw these people as really clever, interesting and imaginative. They showed me things I'd never seen before and allowed me to believe in the impossible. They were/ are visionaries. Inspirational, daring, determined, brave, innovative, inventive, experimental...

I have plenty of other heroes too, these days, but I think it's good to remember who you looked up to when you were little. And I still think mine are a pretty decent list of champions. They remind me who I wanted to be and who /what 8 year old me would be proud of.

So this year's resolution is to don some childish rose tinted spectacles and remember why they were so important to me and aspire to be like them. I think I struggled last year to fit everything in. I often felt like I was working to somebody else's schedule and it seemed exhausting and relentless. This year I'm going to make more of an effort to create and work on things that inspire me.

I'm going to doodle my way through a few sketchbooks and hone my drawing skills. I'll allow myself time to build designs and ideas for me, led by my imagination rather than a commission or gallery.

Thank you Mr Bowie for the inspiration. x


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