Owl necklaces :D

I love making things with paper because I find it nonrestrictive as a medium. It can be manipulated into anything. How amazing is that? Paper is so much fun to play with.
The one issue I have with paper is that it can sometimes be fragile and I take great efforts to design my creatures to be as sturdy and durable as possible. I thought I'd up the ante by attempting to make some paper sculpture necklaces!

I have trialed them out on my sister, who has a set of delightfully inquisitive three year olds, as I thought this would be a good marker to test their durability. My niece Bella in particular has an impressive pincer grip and determination. If Percy and Bill (named by my nieces after Owl Babies) could survive a few months with Bella, they could certainly withstand regular necklace wear! Success! Hooray!

They are filled with a silicone based cement, so they are solid. Their chains are 100% brass. So far I've made baby barn owls and acorns. I am going to broaden the range to include other things over the next few months. I'm really enjoying miniaturizing my designs. It is super fiddly, but I feel like I'm improving my maker skills since everything has to be so neat!

So far they are just available on Etsy and at my open studio at Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

I designed a special necklace for a first anniversary gift before Christmas, which was an extra challenge, as the owl pendant pair were to have a detachable and interchangeable chain and fit on a jewellery stand/box. The dapper little owls also had accents of the couple's wedding attire. I had fun working out all of the details of this very intricate commission :)

I'm going to have a play with designing other seed pods and miniaturizing some of my designs. I'm already imagining making more intricate floral bouquets and perhaps some miniature wall pieces, perhaps with moving parts and simple automation. I have so many ideas! Hopefully I'll have some time to work my way through them.


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