NEW DESIGNS! YAY! Short eared owls, all speckled and brown

This week I have been working on my new species of owl! Woohoo! Here is a photograph of their humble beginnings:

They are loosely based on short eared owls and, as with my other owls, I have made them in three sizes: large, small and owlet. Once the design is complete I always give them proper names. I do like naming things and I always find it a bit sad when designers refer to their creations as an uninspiring code. In my view it lacks imagination. My owls are always named after awesome,clever people, because naturally owls have smarts, right? My barn owls are Aeschylus, Athena and Virgil. The reason for this is I studied classical civilization at A level and I can still hear the voice Dr Beagon; the best teacher and cleverest man there has been or ever will be; encouraging me to broaden my mind with extracurricular reading. Aeschylus, for example, was nowhere to be found on the syllabus, but we read everything he ever wrote anyway. He would help us get to grips with playwright writing styles; our enjoyment of actual syllabus material would be enhanced if we could compare it with everything else that was ever written. Dr Beagon may well be the reason I currently attend three book groups. One day I’ll have a design named Beagon. Probably not Philip though, I can’t imagine an animal named Philip.

These new fellas have names less steeped in literary prowess, but the stipulations are cleverness and awesomeness: I named them Bastian, Balthazar and Bux. B.B.Bux is the name of the very awesome, very clever boy in The Neverending Story; a film which I *might* have made my parents endure the relentless rerunning of when I was a child. I was in no way obsessed with it and absolutely did not go on to own the necklace or a tortoise…um…

Exhibit a, exhibit b...alright shhh...

Still working on finding a luck dragon.

So Balthazar and Bux will soon be making their merry way to Arteria Gallery in Lancaster to take part in an exhibition entitled “Multiples”. This will be their first public outing! Yay! I hope they are well received. Should you wish to see a parliament of paper owls and other such delights in the exhibition, here is a link to the website:

The exhibition runs from Wednesday 26th June until Saturday 29th October 2013.

Bastian is staying at Manchester Craft and Design Centre with me in my little studio, number 9. I will be making him some Balthazar and Bux buddies to keep him company in the menagerie.

Should you be in Manchester, do pop in and say hello!

And I will be taking them to the Art Market in Holmfirth at the end of this month. Yay!

Speaking of which, so much to do in preparation! Let’s get stand designing, yeah!


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