Short Eared Owls, a Carnival and Sketchbook Envy!

I had a splendid day yesterday.
It began with the successful baking of some wheat-free naans. (I am wheat intolerant and I miss the glory days of bread eating- I thought flat breads would be more successful than trying too make loaves)
I then set to work printing some new designs! I have been working on a new set of owls based loosely on these fellas:

Isn't he lovely? I love his eyes.
I am going to make them in speckled shades, in a similar way to my speckled barns but with a lot more speckle!

I can't wait to get started making them. New designs are always exciting to work on!

I visited Manchester Craft and Design Centre to drop off a present. It was nice to visit my place of work on a social jaunt. There is rarely time when I am working there to appreciate it as a place to visit! 

A bowl by Vanessa Bullick. It has a lovely tactile quality, check out her shop here:

I arrived home to the sound of brass bands, cheering and dance troops as it was our village annual carnival! Woohoo!  It always begins with a parade of floats, baton twirling dancers, pompom wielding dancers who lead you to the park where there is a dancing competition, a fairground and some DJing which has always been the music of the very late eighties, early nineties, the music of my childhood; Haddaway, Baby D, N-Trance... Naturally I spent the afternoon riding the waltzers. Yeah!

Home time and I made homemade wheat-free pizza (I'm missing bread, can you tell?) whilst listening to the 90s Dance blasting into our garden.

I then set to work trying to finish my hare design. I am so excited at the thought of adding a hare to my repertoire of woodland creatures! He's still a bit flawed, I am finding certain aspects of him a little bit tricksy. He had a funny forehead for a while, now I'm struggling with his mahoosive legs! Pictures to follow.

A quick glance at twitter and I instantly became jealous of the beautiful drawings of Alex T Smith, who has been posting pictures of his exquisite drawn and hand-lettered diary. Take a look:

I really miss sketchbooking when I don't do it and this may have spurred me on to get back into doodling. Not that mine are ever this delightful, mind!

Screen printing beckons! This day may just be as delightful as yesterday :)


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